Writing an Essay for Dummies

Essay writing is a challenging task if you have no practice. And if it’s the first time you have been assigned to perform one, arm yourself with patience and concentrate on the work. Your mere inspiration won’t be enough, yet you can’t do without it, either. If you are blessed with a rich imagination and have good writing skills, you are sure to achieve a wonderful piece of writing! Yet, if you are a dummy and just can’t make a head or tail of your work, we are here to provide you with several simple, yet effective steps in preparing a decent result.

essay writing for dummies


Ordering Essay Writing


If you don’t feel like spending hours brainstorming on your topic, and then typing it, you are welcome to order a custom-written one on an affordable basis. Nowadays, there are reputable services that offer to buy an essay in the United Kingdom, other European countries, or the US. Employing a staff of native writers with at least a Bachelor’s degree, you will save your time and nerves, while the result is guaranteed to be grammatically correct and plagiarism-free. Finding good custom essays the UK is already real!

Picking Up a Good Topic

The topic of your work is to be selected depending on the type you are assigned to perform. Writing a psychology essay for dummies, for instance, you needn’t pick up a too narrow topic that doesn’t give you much space to compose about. Neither should the topic be too broad, otherwise, it will be a general discussion of the theme, rather than an essay. Instead, opt for something simpler, you are not a professional! Additionally, make sure the topic really interests you, otherwise it will be a real torture.


Now, when the topic of your paper is determined, pas on to the brainstorming process. For this, make some research on the web or in the local library. You can also interview people who might have some experience and can provide you with some crucial information on the topic. Recollect some past events so that to picture them more vividly if you are preparing a narrative essay. Write down some notes while writing an essay for dummies. They will help you later when you will be making an outline. The latter is the skeleton of your entire paper. With its help, you will find out whether the essay will be logical, well structured and organized when finished.

Essay Structure

An ordinary essay has quite a simple structure that involves an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. When outlining your paper writing for dummies, make sure you have written a thesis statement and a topic sentence of every paragraph. Right now, when you have passed to the immediate writing process, it’s going to help you a lot.

Composing Introduction

Perhaps the most significant part of an essay introduction is the thesis statement. The latter aims to inform the readers what’s the paper is going to be about, what issue it will cover and what the writer’s point of view is. The introduction will determine whether the readers will be attracted to read the paper to the end, or will put it aside with indifference. Additionally, the thesis statement will help you organize your thoughts.

Writing the Body

The body of an ordinary essay is, as a rule, composed of three paragraphs. Each of them shouldn’t be jumbled with too many different ideas. Otherwise, you have all the chances to confuse and repel your readers. Devote each paragraph to one concept. Don’t forget about opening each paragraph with a respective topic sentence. The latter should briefly present the contents of that particular paragraph.
Additionally, make sure the transitions are made smoothly. The flow from one paragraph to the other is to be logical. Additionally, each and every paragraph is to support both the topic sentence stated and the thesis statement of the whole paper. This way, writing an essay for dummies will give you cohesive and comprehensive results.

Concluding the Essay

The conclusion of an essay is as important as the introduction. A good conclusion should not only summarize the main points discussed and review the thesis statement, but also give the readers food for thought.

Revising the Work

If you have followed all the essay writing tips for dummies we described, you must have prepared a really good piece of writing. And now, it’s high time to revise it to eliminate any possibility of a grammatical, stylistic or any other kind of mistakes. Check the structure, consistency an clarity. Make sure the thesis statement was decently supported. Eliminate any technical errors, grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Both the introduction and the conclusion should be powerful and impressive.

Adhering to all these instructions, you no longer will be afraid of writing an essay. How to write a dissertation for dummies is not a problem anymore. Stick to rules, devote enough time not to write in a haste, and revise the final result several times before submitting it.